Oh look, Here I Go Again

This is one of those New Years Resolution Things. You’ve been warned.

I want to read at least 3 books a month next year and this is my place to, I don’t know, be a bookworm.

Now some people will read that and be like “You’re setting yourself up for failure” but I am provably capable of that goal, I’ve done that and better. I just find that lately I’m slaking on my reading. Like I read 2 books in December! (I have until midnight to finish The Other Queen and call it three but let’s be real, i have work in 2 hours)

The first thing I’m going to put here is a bit about myself then another post about what I’m doing this year.

My name is Tarina. I am a bogorm (bookworm). I enjoy mostly historical fiction and my favorite author is Philippa Gregory. That sums it up quite nicely i think.




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