Say Goodnight, Tarina aka Why I’m blubbering over my first book of 2015


I gave up on The Other Queen. Woops.

Moving on!

Say Goodnight, Gracie by Julie Reese Deaver is one of those books that you read and it’s okay but then it never leaves you. It sticks around in that little part of you reader soul where your loves live. I believe I read this book for the first time when I was 10, Id gotten a ton of old books from a family friend and this was one of them, I read it a few times and then it disappeared from my life.

Now here’s where the story get’s fun; I couldn’t remember the title of this book but i always remembered scenes from it, for a while i would sit and try to remember, then give up and move on with my life. Well a month ago I got a GoodReads and discovered their forums for helping find books and VIOLA! six hours later I had the title and a few hours after that it was on it’s way to me!

I read this in 3 hours from midnight to 3am Jan 2 and it kicked my ass. Full on tears and ugly sobbing. Not spoilers (it says this on the first page): This book is about a friend who dies and the main character, Morgan, learning to survive without this person. Anyone who knows me well will know immediately what this did to me. I’ve lost a lot of people in the last few years, not just any people, the people, those people in your life that you tell yourself you can’t live without…I’ve lost most of those people recently.

“What it boiled down to was this: I was alone, truly alone. There wasn’t anyone, anywhere, who could take Jimmy’s place…The world could go on very nicely without him, maybe, but I couldn’t. No matter how many new people I met, no matter how many new friends I made, I wouldn’t ever have the same relationship I’d had with Jimmy. That part of my life was gone forever. Why had it taken me so long to figure this out?”

When I first read this book at 10 it was cute, funny, sad but now I empathize, I understand. And it hurts.


Book 1 of 36: Say Goodnight Gracie, by Julie Reece Deaver

  • 1- Don’t Read
  • 2- It’s Good
  • 3- Read
  • 4- Highly Recommend
  • 5- Must Read

I give this book a 3 on my little scale here because I can fully accept that most of my love of this book is from my personal emotions and not because it’s a wondrous addition to any library. It is a Young Adult book so the reading level and story are for teenagers, I take that into consideration so while I recommend it as a good book I don’t Highly Recommend it. If you’ve read it of will read it let me know what you think 🙂




3 thoughts on “Say Goodnight, Tarina aka Why I’m blubbering over my first book of 2015

  1. Some of those books just GET to you. I would recommend Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why. It’s very poignant, but it is about a girl who committed suicide and then sent messages via tapes to the thirteen people that she said pushed her to the action. It’s a YA too, but I really enjoyed it.

    Also, as for books to that are alright and then stick with you, I read a book by Tad Williams about fairies and politics and war within their world. It was a big metaphor for prejudice and such, and although the book was nothing special at the time I think I would read it again for how it made me feel after. I read it a while ago and it’s still with me! It’s called the War of the Flowers. Very pretty cover 😛

    As always, thoughts are with you 🙂


    • I have actually read Thirteen Reasons Why in high school, its weird because this is the third time its come up recently but when id read it know one knew about it lol
      thanks for the comment, the fairy book sounds really cool I might check it out


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