Virgin Earthly Joys


Where have I been?

When i finished 1984 by George Orwell I didn’t pick up another book for a few days. I was so busy working that I simply couldn’t pick something up and begin to read. So one day i just picked up Virgin Earth by Philippa Gregory and began to read. I finished it in 2 nights of intense reading (it’s almost 700 pages and I don’t have much read time lately).

Virgin Earth tells the story of John Tradescant the Younger living in the middle of the 17th century and his quest to find where he belongs. The story spans continents, cultures, loves, and losses, it also follows a turbulent time in English history as the country is rocked by civil war. It was a real page turner because I honestly never knew what would happen next or how John would fuck up a good thing this time. It’s one of those books that though you know it can’t end the way you want you can’t stop rooting for the fairytale ending… unfortunately history just doesn’t work that way.

While I adored the book and the adventure it took me on, while I was reading I was terribly confused and angry; the story seemed so random as if the plot were a train continually jumping it’s track and plowing through a neighboring town only to find a different track and follow that for a bit.  Characters did things that wouldn’t matter later on and some characters were introduced and then went away never to be heard from again. Sometimes the main character simply stopped everything he was doing and went in the opposite direction and I thought to myself “What the fuck is happening? This could have ended in the first hundred pages and a million times afterwards but there are 700!” That is when it occurred to me that the name John Tradescant was familiar and not because I’d read the first chapter of this before; I Googled him and sure enough! John Tradescant the Younger was a real person! The story was so broken because that’s how  life works, i loved the story all the more because of this realization.

A hundred pages to the end I flipped the book over on a whim and read the back, I had never done so because I hate any amount of spoilers, only to discover that Virgin Earth is the SECOND book in a duality! Earthy Joys is the first telling the story of the first John Tradescant and how he built his fortune and his garden. Well then. Of course it was too late to turn back now so i finished the book and told myself I would read Earthly Joys next since I do own it. Well i can’t find it. 😦

True loves ❤

Book 4 of 36: Virgin Earth by Philippa Gregory

  • 1- Don’t Read
  • 2- It’s Good
  • 3- Read
  • 4- Highly Recommend
  • 5- Must Read

I LOVE Philippa Gregory, she is my favorite author and I adore everything she writes. In reality I think everyone should read all of her novels BUT I know that most people aren’t really into historical fiction. If you like the genre read this book, it’s a wonderful adventure, if you don’t like the genre, read this book it’s a wonderful adventure.




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