Oh where, oh where will I put all my books?

Philippa Gregory’s and hardcovers. I’m missing at least 6 of hers from this picture

In my search for Earthly Joys I decided to unpack all of my books. You see I do not have a bookcase in this apartment as it is too small and most of my books have been packed and repacked over the past few years (I move a lot). I discovered, to my horror, that I don’t have all of my books in my house. I don’t know where they all are but they are not all here. I can’t find Earthy Joys nor a few other books I’m sure I own. At least 9 of my books are out on loan right now so i know where those are but the others I’m hoping are in some of the boxes I still have stored away elsewhere.

Paperback nonfiction
Paperback nonfiction
Mix of novels and one nonfiction

I started to organize my books and make them look pretty on my dresser (even this tiny piece of space is only available because my pet mouse passed away and I’ve moved his cage to storage). Then i realized that there is no way to make them all fit and look nice so i just stacked them however.

Look at that Happy Mess!
Look at that Happy Mess!

This is the finished product and not even all the books in my house. I recently got a box set of Philippa Gregory’s and I didn’t put them up because I already had copies of them all up there, I also didn’t put up my big “childrens” fairytale books, nor a few novels that simply didn’t fit.

Luckily for my the roomie and I are looking into reorganizing the house to try and fit an entertainment center/shelving unit in the living room so I’ll have my TV and books back where they belong!




One thought on “Oh where, oh where will I put all my books?

  1. Redesigning bookshelves is ridiculously fun. Currently mine are ordered in favourites. My top shelf holds my ultimate reads, then each shelf is decreasing in awesomeness. My bottom shelf is either guilty pleasures or books I don’t want to get rid of despite regretting buying them haha. My stairs are also painted as bookshelves too, I should really take a pic!


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