A Splash of Color: My Worlds Colliding


“Enter the world of Berry Sweets where oddly colorful folk much like yourself reside, leading ordinary, sometimes extraordinary lives.”

I am not sure how to explain this other than to say I have a guilty pleasure. Sims. I play The Sims 2&3 and I don’t just play, I document and write stories based on the lives of my Sims. A lot of people do. Some of these stories get so popular they start a movement, like Berry and her characters Chantilly Lace and Merlot. I will link you to this wonderful tale, and all of it’s incarnations HERE and HERE.

A Splash of Color with Cherry Blossom is where this all started (well the original story, this is it re-written in novel form) and I sincerely hope that Berry will continue to write these books and every Lacelot story because I NEED them. (To give you an idea of how obsessed I am, I can say the word Lacelot and my friends know what I mean though none of them partake in the madness).

This story follows Chantilly Lace’s daughter Cherry Blossom who is struggling to fit in with her family, you see Cherry (though her name would suggest otherwise) has a mess of purple hair rather than the pink of her father or white from her mother. She must be an alien. Or adopted. Probably an adopted alien. The book follows her from age 10 to about age 20 as she struggles finding herself and learn what family is. Her entire family has a mess of adventures along the way; including her clueless brothers fucking up their love lives, her sisters learning to be decent berry beings (they aren’t human after all), and her mother struggling under the weight of a her secrets.

Okay so now that that is all explained, sort of, about the book. It was cute. I laughed in places, was upset in places, I squealed over characters. It was fun to read. About 250 pages and it wasn’t exactly difficult so I finished it in a night (i am a slow reader). I am used to reading this style of writing in my writing groups and the stories of other who Sim (it’s a verb), it can be a bit disjointed as we are following a game and sometimes things happen that don’t matter later, or things change with little explanation as to why. An example is that in this book a character appears out of nowhere, seems to be becoming important and then you never hear from him again. It bothers me but I try to justify it saying that that is how life can be at times. The book could be better but I don’t think it’s bad, is what I’m saying.

In all though this was really just a fun little read for me and I’m so happy to be supporting someone who is paving the way for this kind of story writing. Who knows, maybe mine or some of my wonderful friends stories could be published one day and we could have a new genre of gaming stories! Or not. Probably not. It’s weird talking about this here. . .

This is why i don't get much reading done at home
This is why i don’t get much reading done at home

Book 5 of 36: A Splash of Color with Cherry Blossom by Berry

  • 1- Don’t Read
  • 2- It’s Good
  • 3- Read
  • 4- Highly Recommend
  • 5- Must Read

While I adore the book for what it is, the writing is something i would have enjoyed more in elementary school (granted I read A Child Called It at 8 years old so maybe not). I am happy to support Berry and to promote her book and her wonderful stories because they are wonderful and they weave together so beautifully so I will say that the book is good. It’s fun. If you have a young kid, or you enjoy easy reads, or you just want to support a new author go and grab this book.

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Pictures of my cat Blues napping near or on this book.




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