March TBR Jar Draw

I broke my camera. So no new pictures for a bit.

I dropped my TBR Jar too

It didn’t break but all my little slips of paper spilled out and I lost one. To make up for this my roommate made one for me and put it in the jar. Of course at midnight March 1, when i pulled my slip it was the one he wrote because it was smaller than all the other ones.

Read a book published in the 1890’s

He knows me so well. Turns out Grimm’s was published in 1812, The Three Musketeers in 1844 and Jane Eyre in 1847 (The 1840’s was a great time for books ya’ll). My roomies owns The Yellow Wallpaper and other Stories which was published January of 1892 but I don’t want to read it and he encouraged me to buy a new book for this TBR. After a bit of research I’m going with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

I have a goal of reading all of the books my favorite movies were adapted from, especially my ‘fairytales’. I started Oz a year or so ago on my friends phone because it came free on an app but i never finished and I want to own a copy anyway.

I think i might keep this theme for the whole month, besides Wideacre I’m going to try to read only books from the 1800’s. 🙂




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