Sunday (Tuesday) Wrap-up #4

This week in books! (Feb. 22- March 1)

It’s late because my internet was out. :/

I’ve been doing these wrap ups for a month already! Where is time going? It’s March guys. Anywho, the show MUST go on, even if I wish it’ll just stop and I can be sentimental for a bit longer (I just finished a bildungsroman so forgive me)

What I Read!

In order to get me out of my reading slump I picked up Holes by Louis Sachar and it got me well and truly out of my slump! Then i picked up A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith which I’ve had for a few years now and I binged it Saturday night and Sunday when i woke up. I haven’t gotten a Chat out on this yet because of the whole internet thing but I’m in love with this book. Sunday before I went to bed I picked up Wideacre by Philippa Gregory. This is the first book in my favorite trilogy and I’ve read it twice already but I don’t feel like reading something new, i want to read Wideacre 😛

What i Bought!

I still haven’t gotten any new books 😦

Plans for Next Week!

I am going to read the Wideacre trilogy. I’m super excited about this. I love love love this trilogy.

I’m also going to try and purchase my TBR book for the month, I’m making that post next.




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