Rant From Facebook

I just looked at reviews for my favorite trilogy Wideacre by Philippa Gregory and apparently a lot of people really dislike it because of the explicit sex and violence, and the content such as incest, rape, and murder. Someone even said they felt like they’d “Wasted a good portion of their life and their innocence” reading it! What!? Wideacre as a trilogy or even just that first book (called Wideacre) is AMAZING. Not for everyone I know but a story about a girl who is clearly emotionally stunted doing anything she can, using every trick in her amoral book to get what she wants and what she feels is her due is not only interesting as hell but when well executed (as it is) it is down right beautiful. I don’t like Beatrice as a character. While I will never fault her amoral standard (I myself am pretty amoral) I dislike that she flounders in her convictions in places which causes her to turn her coat, get herself in a web of troubles from which she cannot escape, and in the end is her ruin. She’s a brilliant stupid person and I hate her for it. But I could never hate her story. I could never hate Philippa Gregory for writing it. I read it at 12 years old and I regret nothing, I don’t feel i lost any innocence, I gained a thicker skin, and now nothing will ever shock me again.

Note: I just copied my Facebook status so it’s short.


One thought on “Rant From Facebook

  1. It surprises me how much some people don’t like grit. I think a lot of people are becoming used to it, though, especially with things like GOT getting so famous. The first big fantasy book I read was by the guy who invented the term ‘grimdark’ to describe that sort of amoral, gritty realism and dark humour. I love it a lot, but I’m not sure I could write it. I don’t see how it could steal someone’s innocence, though…


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