I’ve been to Wideacre and back again

Is anyone here?

I’m here, I swear!

I know I haven’t posted in all of March and that is terrible but I have an excuse! And a good one too!


Dear Hera this book is so enthralling I was torn apart at my soul reading it. I have read Wideacre by Philippa Gregory before and have always loved the entire trilogy but this read through I decided to savor ever twisted word. And I did. I managed to read this book over about 2 or 3 weeks because I forced myself to put it down and take inventory of my emotions every few pages. It was beautiful.

Wideacre is the story of Beatrice Lacey the Squire of Wideacres daughter. She is probably a psychopath but most certainly a strong willed, land crazed woman who will do anything to hold the land she loves nut society tells her she must leave. She climbs her way to Wideacre leaving a trail of dead and broken bodies in her wake.

In terms of the writing, I found that this time around i was cringing at the poor editing of my edition. There were typos. There were mistypes (such as a word that was clearly meant to be another word). And the writing style isn’t what I’ve come to expect from Philippa Gregory. I attribute this to being written in the ’80’s. Authors grow and mature like any other artist.

There are huge sections of description in this book that paint the gorgeous estate for the reader but at times it can feel unnecessary and redundant. The style isn’t for everyone but I don’t hate it.

This book is graphic. It touches on base human depravity in ways that, when i first read this book at 12 years old, made me blush and feel a little sick with humanity. There is murder, sex, incest, and blatant human cruelty. It is not for the faint of heart. It is worth every precious second.

Book 8 of 36: Wideacre by Philippa Gregory

  • 1- Don’t Read
  • 2- It’s Good
  • 3- Read
  • 4- Highly Recommend
  • 5- Must Read

I can’t say this is a *must read* but you should read it. it is an emotional experiment. How much can you love someone and cheer them on but want their death more than anything else? You’ll ask that question in this book. How can I hate someone who I’m rooting for? How can I root for the bad guy? How can I claim to love those she destroys? If you can handle a bit of crazy, read this. You won’t regret it.


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