April TBR Jar Draw and Camp NaNoWriMo!

Quick post before work!

I drew my TBR Jar challenge last night and I am to read a book about biracial characters. being biracial I enjoy hearing the stories of others who have had similar experiences. It’s nice.

I think i might go with an anthology of short fiction called Mixed (which i will link once i’m on my computer).

Today officially marks the start of Camp National Novel Writing Month! I want to try to blog about my progress periodically since i probably won’t be reading much at all this month. I started writing at midnight last night and got 2,149 words done!

Not terribly impressive but I found I had trouble writing, as if i didn’t know what I wanted to happen! I know all the major points of my novel but the little in between parts kicked my ass! I did get the first chapter done though. it’s super short and will have to be expanded a great deal in editing but I’m working hard to NOT go back and edit ANYTHING!

Since this part is really short and terrible i’m going to leave you with my favorite sentence from this chapter and my least favorite.

Least favorite: “The rest of her climb was uneventful.” 

Favorite: “But she would catch one, and he would love her as she loved him and they would ride together into War and history.”

Happy Writing!




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