March Book Haul!

Instead of doing an end of the month wrap up I am just going to do a MASSIVE book long haul. I have been slacking hard on Sunday wrap ups but I’ve gotten a  TON of books this month. I’m just going to list them all a give a blurb for some of them. They are all linked to Goodreads.

These are all books I got in March or maybe February. I’m not even sure at this point.



I stopped in Target to use the bathroom on day and then walked around the store for a bit and ended up buying these. In my defense I’ve heard good things and they were on sale 20% off so i got all 3 for $26.


These are both so pretty and chalky and the pages are black on the edges! I can’t stop rubbing my face on them o.O I may have a problem.

Now these next books I didn’t even WANT. I work at a store where people help customers out to their cars with their bags and one night it was just me to carry for the very last customer and she mentioned she had some books she was trying to give away. . . next thing I know it’s 10 minutes later and I’m walking back in with a bunch of books and my coworkers are laughing their asses off about how OF COURSE I would get the customer to give me books. I didn’t want most of the books she gave me but she was insisting and I have a serious problem with denying books so here’s my Random Customer Haul:





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