Camp NaNoWriMo Day 2!

Day TwoIt is 12:46pm on Day 2 of Camp and i am sitting at 3900 words even. Just above the 3,333 goal. My plan is to average 2,000 words a day so i really only need 100 more words to get there but I need a break.

My biggest struggle now is description. where is the line between info dumping and including details at a reasonable pace? My characters are not human. Their planet is not Earth. Their society is complex and their culture is old. How do I get these details across without it feeling gross?

For my favorite and least favorite today i am going to only include lines that are physical descriptors.

Least Favorite: “The blue of her skin was caused by the life saving Sencha.”

Favorite: “The little old woman stood shorter than Mysz by a head, she was bald as most elders were and her sand colored skin was spotted with greying areas that had once been bright with Sencha.”

Happy Writing!



EDIT: It’s 1:11pm and I am at 4,043 words. I’m done for today! Now to read 🙂


3 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Day 2!

    • It’s made up, the word is actually a type of tea I believe but it’s just a filler for this draft. This is a fantasy novel and Sencha is, at it’s most basic, a naturally occurring element that has amazing healing/life giving properties and this species of people have bodies that store it in large quantities, in many of them it can be seen under the skin. it’s pretty colorful.
      The whole thing still needs a bit of tweaking and I need to write up a synopsis for this blog! I had totally forgotten 🙂


  1. oooh I hope I get to see this story when you’re happy with it! I’m always on hand for editing purposes or just a cheerleader 😛


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