Moving and TBR and Book Shelves OH MY!

Well here I am! I went through a tedious period of no computer, then no internet and PRESTO! Made it out clean on the other side 🙂

But I have a problem.


I ran out of room for books O.O

That entire shelf is full, that box on the floor is the same size as the stacked ones and its FULL and I found ANOTHER FULL box of books in my grandfathers basements. Guys. Guys. I have over 200 books.


I’m on the hunt for more shelves as I type. This is a problem! But the bigger problem is that the night i realized i have SO MANY BOOKS I went out and bought five books.


I’ll make a list off EVERY new book I’ve obtained this year shortly. I’m working on it now. Omg.


My TBR Jar challenge for the month of whatever the fuck this is (It’s June right?) is to finish a series!

In my head I’d be purchasing and finishing the Uglies trilogy + companion novel. In reality I’m trying to finish all 15 books of Oz and the going is slow… I’ll keep ya posted.

Okay. Just a quick update for you. I’m going to find a nice TAG to do today and get working on that list.



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