Currently Reading TAG!

Who’d be surprised if i said I found this TAG over at BooksandLala? No one should be. This is the Currently Reading TAG! so let’s jump right in shall we?


1. How many books do you usually read at once?
Just one. I try to never pick up more than one book at one time BUT I do find that sometimes I will start a second or even third book just to give myself a teaser. For example I am currently reading The Kings Curse by Phillipa Gregory but I just got Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne in the mail and so I read the first few pages because why the hell not!?

This doesn’t include some nonfiction books though; I am currently reading a guide called Architect? which is too information dense to read straight through.

2. If you’re reading more than one book at a time, how do you decide when to switch to reading the other book (do you read a certain amount of pages in each?)
Well since I try not to get into this situation I don’t really have an answer BUT should it arise the switch point would be whenever I’m tired of what I’m reading and want to switch.

3. Do you ever switch bookmarks while you’re part way through a book?
Always. I own ‘real’ bookmarks and I LOVE them, they’re so pretty! But I’m bad at using them. They always fall out when i throw my book in my book-bag or I forget to put them in so I stopped bothering with marking my pages when I’m walking away for a long period. So if I’m putting the book down for the night I don’t mark the page at all I just close it, i’m great at finding my spot. Now if I’;m walking away to the bathroom or to see what my cats broke this time I will throw whatever is close between the pages. My phone is my most used bookmark 😛

4. Where do you keep the book you’re currently reading?
It is usually in the front pocket of my book-bag because that thing comes with me everywhere and thus the book is always on hand.

5. What time of day do you spend the most time reading?
I usually read all day long. I know that sounds weird but my grandma always taught me to bring a book to read in case I ever find a free moment so i’m a great “few moments here, few moments there” reader.

6. How long do you typically read for in one go?

As long as I have time for or until I’m bored with it (rare but it happens).

7. Do you read hard covers with the dust jacket on or off?
Off. I used to throw out my dust covers [insert offended gasps here] because I didn’t see the value in them. I love the look of a naked book (Hey that rhymed!) but recently I’ve started saving them and even putting them back on the books when i’m finished reading. I think this is a sign of growth or something.

8. Which position do you mainly use to read?
I like to be seated with the book on a desk/table in front of me but i tend to find myself in my bed tossing between lying back holding the book above my head or lying on my side with the book on the bed. That last one usually ends with a cat standing on my book though.

9. Do you take the book you’re currently reading with you everywhere you go?
See question 4.

10. How often do you update your progress in the book you’re currently reading on goodreads?
I update when I finish a book. I rarely post what I’m reading currently or what page I’m on or anything like that.

Also shameless whoring My Goodreads. I’m not too active on it but there it is.

11. Who would you like to tag?
Everyone always. I need to actually, ya know, make some book blogging friends but I’ve got like 3 real life friends and 2 internet friends already, and yes that number does include my cats and yes that is more than enough for the introvert that is me.

But link me to your blog/YouTube/Goodreads and I will totally follow 🙂


Okay now for a quick in real life update because it’s needed.

I’M MOVING! again. -_-

My bookshelf is all naked and lonely, it’s sad. So yeah, give me a few move days before I am back.

ALSO I am not finishing my TBR for this month. the book I got sucked but we’ll hear all about that in my next post 🙂 See ya then!




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