July TBR Jar Book

“Go to Goodwill and buy a red book” 


It is rare that I find a book i simply don’t want to finish. When I pick up a book I promise myself and that author that I am in it for the long haul, I will read the story to completion. Cover to cover. No words left unread. And most of the time I succeed.

When I fail i hate admitting it. I’ve failed 4 times this year; The Other Queen by Phillipa Gregory, The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir, El Dia de los Muertos edited by Angela Charmaine Craig, and Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.

I hauled the entire Inkheart trilogy back in June. At the time I thought it must be fate that brought me this series in it’s entirety when i’d been seeing at least one of these books at every thrift store in the weeks leading up to that. Maybe I was correct and I need to trudge through and make it to the end. Maybe there is a gem waiting to be discovered. I wouldn’t know, I quit less than 200 pages in.

From what I do know this is a book about books and that aspect of it is wonderful if you are a bibliophile like myself.  The main character Maggie is 12 years old and an avid reader. Her father is a book binder, and her aunt (crazy though she may be) is a book collector. The plot, at least as far I was in the book, is about this highly sought after and dangerous book Inkheart. Each chapter is headed by a quote from another book that is related to the goings on of the accompanying chapter and they name drop books like it’s going out of style. It’s actually amazing.

Because I’m only 200 pages in I can’t really tell you what this book is about except that the ‘villains’ want Inkheart and Maggies dad was determined not to let that happen so when they kidnap her father Maggie, Aunt Elanor, and her dads sketchy friend Dustfinger go looking for him. Last I saw them there was a shot gun barrel pointing into the drivers side window. I’m sure this story is going somewhere fun and excited so I’m holding out that at my own pace, on my own time I will pick it back up and give it another go. This time, though, nothing was grabbing me. Nothing. I found I didn’t care about any of this. There are so many questions and I simply do not care for the answers. It’s sad that a book meant to draw you in is just not hooking me.

That is my only complaint about this book. It’s a bit young but the age rated has no baring on quality of the story, just complexity of the writing. The problem is I don’t even think 12 year old Tarina would have been hooked by this.


Did Not Finish: Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Every review for this book was either a 5 star of a 2 star so I guess you just need to pick it up yourself and try it out.


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