Expanding my horizons.

I am a bigot.

I like novels.

ONLY novels.

See it’s a problem.

I don’t read graphic novels or comics. I have but I just don’t. But now I have this boyfriend thing and he reads graphic novels and comics mostly. In fact he is the opposite of me, his novel consumption has been 5 to my 40+ in the time we’ve been dating.

He’s tried to get me into graphic novels before but I simply have no desire to pick one up and read it. Until today.


I got a new bookcase today and i put mostly my boyfriends graphic novels, comics, etc. on it. While organizing his comics I found Alex & Ada by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn.


There are 15 issues of this comic, set a year after a sentient robot massacred a few dozen people and 7 months after Alex’s fiance left him. To cheer him up his grandmother gets him an android. . . Let’s be real with each other for a second; his grandmother bought him a sex toy. But I digress.

The story of Alex & Ada is not unique, it is not phenomenal, it is certainly nothing to write home about. But it was a fun quick read and I like those every now and again.

I am a little miffed at just how predicable the story was; I should have written out my predictions beforehand because I was almost 100% correct  on that front. In any case it was well written and I can respect that. It was funny and sad and anxiety inducing. And as someone who is not a fan of the media I did enjoy the way this story played out in graphics.

Speaking of graphics I guess I should actually speak on the graphics. They are as much a story telling element in comics as words, if not more-so. I did enjoy the art style of this story and I think each graphic did a good job portraying what needed to be shown. I did have to laugh a few times because the facial expressions of some of the characters simply looked stoned instead of whatever they were supposed to look like. It made for comical reading.


Books 45-60 of 36: Alex & Ada Issues 1-15 by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

  • 1- Don’t Read
  • 2- It’s Good
  • 3- Read
  • 4- Highly Recommend
  • 5- Must Read

I’m going to have to give this series a solid 3/5. It is significant only because it is the first comic/graphic novel series I’ve ever read. Other than that it was just an amusing distraction from cleaning my house. I don’t regret reading it in anyway, like I said it was enjoyable, just no fireworks.


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