As you can tell I have not be reading and therefore not posting often recently. I am still in a bit of a slump when it comes to reading since I read Stephen Kings Misery in mid-October!

Since then I have picked up several books but never got farther than a few chapters of any. I tried to read One Thousand White Women by and The House Girl by but neither grabbed me. I didn’t pick anything up again until I received Winter by Marissa Meyer and read the whole thing in two sittings. OMG. Lunar Madness update is on the way!

Then I found The Girl With All the Gifts is Target, you can read my review HERE (spoiler warning!).

Let’s talk about the rest of my bookish failures!

TBR Jar failures!

This was my TBR Jar, I finished the bold prompts. Note there are 13, a random one got lost so i added a new one.

Read a book about biracial characters
Read a book with a one word title (Room)
Finish a series (Uglies trilogy + The Lunar Chronicles)
Read a book you’ve never finished (Those Who Save Us)
Read something from your Goodreads tbr shelf (1984)
I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb
Read a 2015 debut (An Ember in the Ashes)
Read something popular the you never wanted to read
Read something on your shelf you’ve never read
Read a book with 500+ pages (East)
Go to Goodwill, buy a RED book. Read it.
Read a nonfiction

Read a book published in the 1890’s (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)


Wow, I only did about half of my challenges. I have slacked for many reasons and I am NOT proud of myself AT ALL. I will be making my new TBR jar soon and my new year resolution is to accomplish most of it!

Blogging failures!

I have not blogged reviews, TBR jar books, hauls, or TAGs. I haven’t been inspired to rant, rave or praise any of the books I have been reading. Hopefully this will change soon.

These are things that I will be working on in the coming year, I have had this blog for almost a year and I want it to stay live and active so I am challenging myself to blog at least once a week. Hopefully 😛






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