#ayearathon TBR

I have been wanting to do a read-a-thon for a while now but honestly I’m just not that into the whole “read as much of this this as you can in a week!”. I’ve finally convinced myself to suck it up and DO ONE! I chose to do the #ayearathon challenge for this month.

December 7-13: Graphic Novels/Mangas/Comic Books/Picture Books


This is the perfect challenge for me! If you read my post about Expanding my Horizons you will know that graphic novels/comics/manga are simply not my go to. I don’t like the pictures. . . I know. Weird. It’s my curse. BUT LO #ayearathon is here to get my ass in gear!

With the help of the boyfriend I picked out a nice bunch of books for this week. You can check out my TBR in the video below:

Wow, Tarina, breaking into the YouTube game? How original.

Look I know, I’ve just always wanted to.

If my awkward fumbling is too much for you here’s my TBR for this week

I kept the list fairly short because I am in the middle of The Virgins Lover by Phillipa Gregory and I don’t want to be taken from the too much. The Craig Thompson novels are quite sizable so I don’t feel like I’m cheating with a small list!

I’m really looking forward to this little challenge, I want to try to do more read-a-thons next year. I may try to do one each month.

Hopefully I can get better at that video thing because it’s pretty fun. Let me know what you’re reading for this months ayearathon and what you think of my selections!




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