Library Book Haul!

This past weekend I had the wonderful, and insane opportunity to work with a book seller at a library sale. She and her family were buying cheap books to sell from their website and my job, along with the other guy I was with, was to help them grab books and ferry books from their arms to their holding boxes.

It was intense. Like Black Friday with books.

These poor librarians had to have actualy police hold back crowds so they could fill the tables and once those tables were full they had to RUN out of t6he way so as not to be trampled. One female officer was quite vocal about her willingness to be violent in the event that someone broke the rules. “Ya’ll knows I elbows” was her favorite thing to say that day.

I stayed my ass back and let the woman I worked for and her family crowd and push and grab. I’m not paid enough, okay.

In the end I managed to get a bunch of books for her but 15 for myself! Well most were presents but I’m all around really happy with this haul and the price was so right! $1 for hardcovers, 50c for paperbacks!!!

You can view the video of my haul below:

I got a few childrens books for my little cousin and nephew and then a ton of new stuff for myself 😛

I’m super excited for everything I grabbed and a little mad about some things I DIDN’T grab! I saw The Other Queen by Phillipa Gregory in hardcover and I mistakenly thought I already owned it. . . I was sad when i got home and it wasn’t on my shelf. 😦

After this haul I rearranged all of my shelves in anticipation for the Christmas haul that should be coming up soon.

Okay I’m going to wrap this up. See you next time!




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