Supermarket and other things


This is just going to be a quick little Chat about the graphic novel Supermarket by Brian Wood.

Supermarket is about high school student Pella Sasuki living in a future where money rules everything. The rich are fabulously so and the poor don’t matter. She’s pretty sick of being a rich kid who has parents with unimaginable wealth that seems to have no source and no end. The a dark secret from her parents past emerges forcing her to team up with some unlikely friends and. . . well stuff.

It’s pretty action packed and very colorful. I hated every moment. There didn’t seem to be much story at all just segue to new action. The worst part was that this whole book seemed to be written based off of popular action movie troupes and cliches. I found myself bored and just wanting this to end so i could move on with my existence.

Books 68 of 36: Supermarket  by Brian Wood

1- Don’t Read
2- It’s Okay
3- Read
4- Highly Recommend
5- Must Read

In all this was really predictable and bland but I did finish it and thus have given it 2 out of 5. Wouldn’t recommend though.





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