#Ayearathon WrapUp

Days late as per my M.O.


I wanted to do individual reviews for each book I read but I found it hard to have enough to say about each so I’m going to do this all together.

Over the course of this last week I have learned that I really don’t like graphic novels. It’s a sad reality. What it boil;s down to is that I simply get zero fulfillment out of experiencing a story in pictures. Who know that was a thing?

I did not end up getting to everything I planned in my TBR, mostly because I became discouraged. I wasn’t enjoying the stories, I wasn’t enjoying reading and if there is one thing everyone should know about me it’s that I do not do anything if I’m not enjoying it.

In the end I finished 3 graphic novels during the week and started 6.  Here’s the run down.

Supermarket by Brian Wood 2/5

This book was colorful and action packed but lacking story and I found it incredibly trope heavy and a bit boring.

Joe the Barbarian by Graig Morrison DNF

This is the story of a young boy home alone trying to get to the kitchen to consume so much needed glucose all while completely dissociating from reality. That story sounds amazing right? I didn’t like this at all. I found it boring and I had to stop reading once I realized I was skimming.

Habibi by Craig Thompson 5/5

This is a beautiful story, the art is beautiful, the story telling is poetic. I love it. Thompson created magic when he wrote Habibi. It deals heavily with love and with Islam, all the cultures and themes are woven together beautifully. I can not recommend this book enough.

Blankets by Craig Thompson 5/5

This book is raw and honest; it is an autobiography and I applaud him for putting this out. Just like Habibi this book weaves religion, this time Christianity, alongside the main story in a fantastic way. Again, I cannot recommend this enough.

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd 4/5

I started V for Vendetta on the last day of the challenge and didn’t finish until the day after so it doesn’t really count but I did finish so it would be weird not to include it. I adored this story. I love V as a character. He is a twisted psychopath but I can’t help but nod along as he dances his way through England leaving a string of bombs and bodies in his wake.

Wow that got dark quick.

Let me know what you thought of any of these books or if you know any others similar to Craig Thompsons style that I might like. As much as I know I don’t care for graphic novels I will not turn down a good story.

Thats it for this post. See you all next time 🙂




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