January TBR


Anyone else feel like the holidays hit you in the face?
Just me?

Over the holidays i had the pleasure of boarding two of the worst dogs with two of the worst humans I have ever met. I got nothing accomplished while they were here so glory be they are gone!

I am not going to be doing a 2015 wrap-up or anything of that nature because I feel I missed the perfect time for one and now it’s the 4th and it’d be awkward. I did finish a total of 74 books in 2015!

My goal for 2016 is 74, I do have a TBR jar and a personal goal list. Outside of my TBR Jar my reading goals include:

  • Read Harry Potter (and own them)
  • Read Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
  • Read everything I buy this year
  • Read at least 20 of my owned unread books

My TBR Jar focuses heavily on books I already own, which is nice because I own many that I have never picked up and that must change.

For January my TBR Jar challenge is to read I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb. Some of you may remember that this was a repeat, I didn’t finish it the first time i drew it back in October I believe. Hopefully I get to it, it’s just a really emotional experience for me as it was my grandmothers favorite book of all time.

I also have a goal to do more YouTube videos, start a Bookstagram, and include myself more in the book community in general. I need to be social, even if it’s internet socializing! On that same note I want to attend at least 1 bookish event this year probably BookCon. Maybe. Hopefully.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and I’ll see you tomorrow with a TAG!


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