The Majaikl Chronicles

One of the great things about being a bookish person is the fact that you tend to attract other bookish people and we all know that the one thing all bookish people have in common is that we write. So, it stands to reason that sooner or later we all make friends with someone who has a book out. I’ve reviewed friends books here before and I will probably continue to do so because, as I said, I attract bookish people and chances are at least a few will have books that I can review.


The Majaikl Chronicles by James T. Witten was never recommended to me; in fact the only thing I’ve ever heard about the book is how incredibly awful it is. Of course this was all coming from Witten himself so I didn’t take it at all seriously; he also thinks he’s funny so I just don’t trust his judgment on anything. In fact, I might as well open with this, the book is okay. A little rough around the edges but it’s fine. Just fine. I liked it.

You were just intolerably stupid four times in three sentences.”- Aervane

Ahem. Moving on.

The Majaikl Chronicles is the story of an elf-like creature, a Majaikl, named Aervane who is tasked with journeying across the county to gather information for his King. The future of his race is at stake and so, even though he has never left the darkness and WP_20160811_016safety of his forest home, and has never had extended interactions with humans, Aervane sets out into the human world. Humans aren’t particularly kind to the Majaikl whom they always mistake for a Darkheart, a prejudice that is more than a little understandable as we come to find out, but Aervane must work with and trust humans to complete his journey and find the information his people need. It’s not easy;

Everything Aervane had ever learned about humans told him that if more than a dozen were in the same room at the same time, they would end up stealing from each other as soon as the lights were out.”

The entire book takes place over the course of about a week, it is not an epic saga, and you aren’t going to find masterful wold building or complex story lines. It’s short and sweet. Hero gets a quest, takes a journey, finishes quest, goes home. That being said it did hold my attention for an entire evening and I know I don’t like my boyfriend enough to be that into his writing if it were truly uninteresting.

Don’t get me wrong, this book could use improvements; the story could use cleaning up, there are a handful of editing mistakes, and some themes that could have been developed more and better. Also maybe a single woman wouldn’t have hurt things. Like just one. For a NaNoWriMo from six years ago though I say it’s good. I like it. It made me laugh, it kept my attention, and there was one scene thatWP_20160811_007 genuinely left me speechless and a little emotional.

3 stars– Nothing special, but for what it is it’s a nice quick read. If you want to check it out and show some love to a great writers first work you can find it here.


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