Out of the Darkness

I am currently stuck around page 60 of Lady Chatterleys Lover by D.H. Lawrence; its good but I’m enjoying it more for its commentary about sexual relationships than as a story. I just can’t sit down and READ the damn thing. I also don’t want to DNF or start something major before I finish.
I am at an impasse.
To cope I’ve been writing a TON and reading my friends books, some completed novels, some I’m beta reading, some I’m just editing. I’m having a blast.


Tonight I finally read my friends short story published in Beyond the Mist: An Anthology by Caithness Writers. I didn’t. . . Um, I didn’t read any of the stories besides Out of the Darkness by Carys Mainprize, which is not how one is supposed to deal with an anthology but fucking sue me.
I have known Carys (or Tyrfish) for quite a few years now, we have been writing buddies and friends sharing short stories and other writing. She has been an invaluable person in my writing journey. Don’t let that fool you, I would never give her a good rating just for that. She wouldn’t respect me if I even thought such thoughts!
Her story Out of Darkness is about a pair of investigators looking into some suspicious disappearances and murders in the Caithness area. The one confirmed murder victim was found with only minor burns and no cause of death. The obvious first step is to rule out demons, of course… Carys has always written contemporary fantasy where good old fashion Earth is just dripping with secret supernatural beings; gods, demons, vampires, you name it. It’s definitely the type of fantasy I can get behind, I love the idea that a vampire clan is secretly running entire cities, or that people who die tragically can come back to save the souls of others.

I hate ebooks

She is a fantastic writer as well, she does a great job pulling these complex worlds together in a way that doesn’t seem too cluttered. In Out of the Darkness I notice her fumble a bit with that; its about 25 pages and heavy on the supernatural. There’s a lot to get across and not a lot of space to do it so some places could seem rushed and dense. I also noticed maybe two places where the wording of something was weird or seemed wrong/awkward but sometimes I have a had time telling if that’s just because she speaks UK English and I speak ‘Merican.

3 stars– I enjoyed the story. It was just a glimpse into the secret world that exists interwoven with our own and I liked that even if it is a lot to take in in a handful of pages.



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