I hate fantasy series’.

Probably not a surprising admission coming from me 12111823but then again I did just make a post calling a fantasy novel one of the best things I’ve ever read so I want to be clear on this point. It’s not even anything about the stories themselves, I adore fantasy and fairy stories, its the practice of writing them in fucking serial format that I can’t stand. Fantasy epics are amazing, anyone who has ever glanced in the direction of A Song of Ice and Fire could tell you that; that same person could also tell you that GRRM is going to die before Winds of Winter comes out, and therein lies the inherent fucking flaw. The stories are so large and complex that they are just too big for short or quickly written series’. Add to that the fact that life never cooperates for big projects and the obligations and pressure that comes with writing subsequent books, its really amazing any authors can finish fantasy series at all.

8074907I hate it.


Part of the problem is me; I don’t even watch TV series because waiting any amount of time for the next installment is simply not worth it to me. Example: I started watching Vikings when it first aired and I LOVED it. It was an event in my house when Vikings was on. Then the season ended and I have never seen another episode. But also the risk of a series ending abruptly because the author gave up, or died is anxiety inducing. I give my SOUL to these characters (okay only Bast and Jean Tannen but still) and you mean to tell me that I just can’t know the ending?

So here is my current situation; Winds of Winter, Doors of Stone, and The Thorn of Emberlain may all come out soon and my life continues to be worth living, or they take so long I stop giving a shit (I’m looking at you Martin) or the author dies (still looking at you Martin). I hate these odds.


For funsies here’s a kick ass fan cover for Doors of Stone because that’s probably the best any of us is ever going to get. Source: Kernel’s Corner

Note: The review sections of these pages are full of hilariously accurate GIFs describing this frustration. Highly recommend.



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