I am going to participate in National Novel Writing Month this November. Gods help me, I must be going mad.

If you go back far enough on this blog you will see that I failed Camp NaNoWriMo in day fucking 6April of 2015 due to a combination of writing a new and complex story, and accidentally getting a boyfriend. I stopped just under 7,000 words in which is pitiful. This year I have been loving reading work by my friends and it has inspired me to get off my ass and finally get a first draft of my pet project on paper. I’m excited. I’m so fucking excited.

I am also apparently the worst at summarizing my own story because I’ve been trying for 20 minutes now but basically its a rebellion story. You know the one; big baddy is big and bad and so we must assemble our band of merry misfits to save the kingdom. Sprinkle in a bit of religion and gender politics, with a heaping spoonful of my shitty personality and BOOM that’s what I’m writing! The novel doesn’t have an official name but I have been calling it Donoma for so many years I don’t believe I will ever think of it anything else. It is historical fantasy set in a world inspired by cultures in real world Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

This time around I will be writing my novel longhand because I prefer that to typing by a wide margin so its going to be a month of counting words for me! That’s okay though, I truly believe I can write 50,000 words this way. I will also do weekly updates here and updates every few days on Instagram to talk about my word count, how I’m feeling, and also my favorite line from the past writing session. This is going to be fun in an “I hate myself” kind of way, so lets get hype!

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this year!?


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