NaNoWriMo Day 7

“Alchemists tried for centuries to turn base metals into gold. Every time we sit down and put words on paper, we succeed where they failed. We’re conjuring something out of nothing.”


It’s been 1 week!!!

I have never been more excited to be writing than I have been in this first week of NaNoWriMo. I don’t know if its having a goal, or having the support and encouragement of the community, or both, or something else entirely but I feel motivated to write my words each day. This project, which for years seemed like an insurmountable task, feels doable. I can accomplish 50,000 words; I can write the first draft of my novel. I hope everyone else feels positive about their goals this month as well.

This project is about seven years old; it began with the idea to create an utopian society and once I had conquered that task to my satisfaction I wanted to destroy it. Thus Donoma was formed and launched into hardship. Seven years. I built this world, these characters, this story; I thought I knew all there was to know about my characters and their motivations. I was wrong.
One main character was an optimistic leader. He was secular, and a provider who wanted to do what was best for his country. Turns out he’s actually a bit of a cynic who is a firm believer in the Gods and who has religious as well as self centered reasons for his actions.
One young man was a bit of a bully to his younger brothers but nothing extreme, he liked to get into trouble but was mature and caring when needed. He shot that down immediately and let me know he is actually a twat, a preening hedonistic peacock who torments his younger brothers like a tyrant. He does take responsibility when it suits him and he is good in leadership roles in those instances but he’s mostly a piece of shit.

Those are just two drastic examples. I have always loved for my characters to show me who they are and I’m so excited that even after all this time I’m learning new things about them!

I had 2 days this week where I wrote less than 1,000 words and it really hurt. As of sdgwriting this (9pm Nov 6) I am at 7,500 and change words. I still have a lot of writing to do tonight and I am behind on my personal goal by at least 3,199, depending on what I finish by midnight. Update: I’m at 9,059 as of posting this.
I’m planning to accomplish my daily goal of 2,000 words and use my days off work this week to write 4,000 words. If I manage that I will be ahead of my goal by Friday.

Last time I jokingly said they were all terrible, this time I mean it. I feel as if the quality of my writing has been decreasing as the days pass. I find myself wanting to edit more, though I have been fighting the urge, and also noticing a lack of depth in my sentences. I usually prefer rich description but that’s not what I’m writing. I know what I’m capable of in first draft work and this simply is not it. I think its the time crunch and the daily goals; I don’t have the time to dream up the words to make each paragraph poetry. I genuinely can’t find a single sentence that I feel reflects my abilities or that I even like as is. As I read over my work I am real time editing it in my head to make it flow better!

The hunting ceased when hunger and thirst forced both players to abandon the maze in favor of the more hospitable kitchen. Like two little wildlings they ran across the hot patio, clothes torn, hair full of petals and brambles, faces streaked dirty with sweat and grime. They couldn’t imagine being happier.
“No.” Enki hardly let them cross the threshold before he spoke, shaking his head as if the children had just suggested something preposterous.

Do your characters ever get away from you and show you who they really are? What about those word counts, where is everyone? I will be posting weekly updates on my NaNo progress, stresses, and inspirations but you can get almost daily updates on Instagram.

NaNoWriMo user Bogorm


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