Books for Babies


Yule is my favorite time of year. I love the traditions, I love the gift giving, I love that it is a National holiday celebrating the fact that they days are going to start getting longer! Seriously, I dislike winter. I love that Yule is literally a celebration that its leaving. That aside I am a gift giver, its my love language or whatever. Every year I go out of my way to give meaningful and spectacular gifts, trying to outdo myself each time.
Not this year.
This year I almost didn’t get any presents but as I saw the holidays drawing near and I hadn’t even thought of gift ideas I started to get anxious and I cracked. These are last minute gifts of course so I stuck to books for most people; especially my nephews who are just under 2 years and just over 1 week old. The older boy LOVES books and of course I want to foster that love so here are the 8 books I’ve found at my local used book stores for him.


Hickory, Dickory, Dock illustrated by Sanja Rescek
This colorful board book features 21 favorite nursery rhymes along with fun, colorful illustrations.
Always Copycub by Richard Edwards and Susan Winter
This is a about a bear cub named Copycub who likes to hide from his mom to see if she can find him; she always can. One day he hides so well he gets lost and is concerned that he will never be found. Luckily Mom will always come for him. Always.This is a paper book with longer sentences so more for toddler age.

The illustrations in this are beautiful, not too bright and colorful but I don’t think children need continuous schizophrenic color explosions to hold their attention.

Owl Howl by Paul Friester and Philippe Goossens
This is the only new book I bought for the boys. It mad me laugh and I had to have it, its pretty stupid if I’m being blunt. It is about a baby owl who is screaming and screaming; everyone in the forest is trying to help but she won’t stop until eventually her mom comes and she stops. When asked why she was crying she replies “I forgot.”
The illustrations in this board book are absolutely adorable.

Hopper Hunts for Spring by Marcus Pfister
Hopper hears that Spring is coming so he goes out to welcome him. He asks around but no one he meets is Spring. In the end he never finds him but he does find new friends.
You can probably see the art style I love for children’s books; they look cozy, plush, and a little out of focus.

Flip, Flap, Fly by Phyllis Root and David Walker

This is a run little rhyme about baby animals taking their first steps (more like flying, sliding, swimming). Its got a fun pace and I’ve read it through aloud twice because its entertaining. Brighter colored, the whole thing looks to have been illustrated with oil pastels. Like the saturation is turned up a bit yet the edges are soft and plush.

My First Legends: The Story of Bluebonnet by Tomie dePaola
Fun fact; there are more children’s books about animals than there are about nonwhite humans. It is not impossible to find nonwhite protagonists if you look hard but I shop used books mostly and the disparity is blatant. I only found nonwhite people in books about traditional societies. Its annoying at the very least. This is a Native American legend about how the flower bluebonnet came to be.
I love myths/fairytales and I want my nephews to hear many, from many cultures, so they don’t grow up to be assholes. 2179877

London Bridge is Falling Down! illustrated by Peter Spier
The full lyrics to the song London Bridge is Falling Down beautifully illustrated and feature historical details about the bridge at the back of the book. I read it aloud a few times because this is one of the most fun, yet annoying songs ever. I hope my sister loves repeating herself!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss
I realized last night that I have NEVER read this book! I read it through and almost cried; it can be easy to forget how beautifully Dr. Seuss introduces serious, real life issues like racism, capitalism, environmentalism, and depression. This book is about how you CAN and you WILL accomplish everything you set out to do. Though you will fail sometimes, and you will be lonely sometimes, and you will pass through a waiting place, where people sit and wait forever, never going and doing. BUT you will make it through and you will succeed.
Of course it has the wonderful Seuss illustration style and rhyme. This edition was published in 1990, it is hardcover and I count it a good find at my local bookstore.

So far that is what I’ve gotten for the boys. What are you buying for the little readers in your life?


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