MORE Books for Babies!

I have a problem.

That problem is childrens books. Also just books. I went to a local thrift store for some last minute Yule shopping and lo I bought 8 more books for my nephews.


Rapunzal retold by Monica Hughes and Adrienne Salgado This is the classic tale of Rapunzal beautifully illustrated; not much to it. I was pretty happy with it until I just read it. It’s terrible. Books for babies should have a good rhythm, maybe rhyme. They should be simple but they don’t have to be dumbed down or poor quality. This book has a jerky flow that grates my nerves. It isn’t good. Don’t read shitty books to babies. It is also one of those “teach you to read” things that I HATE! It makes it a lesson and reading should never be work. In short; if you see this book around. Just leave it. I won’t be giving this to my nephews.


Corey’s Kite by Hannah Roche and Pierre Pratt This is a book about a young boy named Corey who wakes up to find a nice windy day and calls his uncle to take he and his friends kite flying. It’s not even a little interesting but its not bad quality. There isn’t a story it just sort of is. I like the art style though and that it is diverse.


Olivia by Ian Falconer Olivia is the adorable story of a little piggy who wears people out. She is just a cute little girl doing annoying little girl things that drive her mother batty. I love it. The illustrations are beautiful, in just black,white, and red. The high contrast is great for newborn readers. Let your baby look at the pages for a long while if you get this for the tiniest of babies.


Disney’s Princess Collection THIS BOOK BROUGHT ME SO MANY FEELS! I had this when I was young and honestly I might just keep this. It is just a collection of Disney movie stories. That’s it. Its the movies, with the movie art and I love it. It’s more than just princess movies, it has everything from both Lion Kings to Fox and the Hound, to The Little Mermaid; 19 tales total.


The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss Fun fact; this was the first book I ever read on my own,the Christmas I was 3. This is a simple, fun, Seussian rhyme with that silly Seuss art. A library must have.


Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? By Dr. Seuss Seuss rhyme but mostly just an onomatopoeia book. Nothing special.


A Kitten Tale by Eric Rohmann Four little kittens are waiting for winter snows; only one with eager anticipation. As the seasons pass the other three become more and more wary and the last becomes increasingly excited. My sisters and I all love cats and I know my nephews are going to grow up to either love or resent cats. Start them early.


Medieval Fables by Marie de France and Jason Carter, translated by Jeanette Beer This book is not a baby book. It is a book of fables with medieval style art that I picked up because it will be a good addition to my nephews library even if they won’t be able to enjoy it now.

I had a good time searching out these books, and I think this is going to be the last Yule baby book haul. I’m so excited to see the older boy unwrapping these, he LOVES books.

Happy Yule/Solstice/Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Whatever you’re lighting a fire for this time of year!


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