2017 Reading Wrap Up


Well. The year has changed and goals were not met. Who is surprised? This blog has been several years of me not doing the things I said I was going to do but let’s not focus on that right now. Let’s focus on the positive.

First positive is that you should definitely look at the sidebar and check out my Bookstagram because there’s books and cats over there. Bless.

The next positive is that I read 39 books! Granted several of them were the Kingkiller Chronicles several times over. Oops.


So what DID I read? First we’ll see by genre, then by author gender (because i wonder about it), and finally by star rating. Afterwards we’ll see my Top and Bottom 3 reads of the year. Boom. Let’s go.




Boop. There you are. NOW. The main attraction.

#3 Worst Book of 2017


Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon was one of my most anticipated reads of 2017. It was horribly disappointing, problematic, and not all that well written. This is a book about a teenager girl with SCAD, that illness where she is allergic to everything. Then she falls in love. To put it mildly it is a gross concept that someone put glitter on.






#3 Favorite Book of 2017 28449257

The Wonder by Emma Donoghue was am unexpected bookstore find. I recognized the author from the novel Room and she does not disappoint. After a long reading slump this book had me enthralled. It is about a Nightingale nurse set to watch over a young girl who claims to have survived 4 months without food. It’s fucking fascinating.





#2 Worst Book of 2017

34861894Just Like a Caucasian by Odera O’Gonuwe. This is an indie author new release that I found on Instagram. It’s about a group of people coming together to make a documentary about race, oppression, and privilege. I bought it right away and it’s trash. That’s harsh but the reality is that this novel is not even edited, it reads like a rough draft, an idea. I don’t like it. At all.





#2 Favorite Book of 201721288872

Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth. Oh this must be the birth nerd in me but I adore the TV show Call the Midwife and the memoir it is based on was golden! It is a true story of a midwife in an impoverished area of London in the 1960’s. I loved the writing, I loved the honest look at the subject matter. I adored it.




#1 Worst Book of 2017

92319The Girl Who Played Go by Shan Sa. This one was almost #2, and Just Like a Caucasian would have been #1 but what decided it for me was that The Girl Who Played Go ate my entire March. I had to BRIBE myself to read it (funnily enough my bribe was that if I read it I’d be allowed to by Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon). I honestly can’t remember much about what it’s about, it’s a struggle that’s for sure.





#1 Favorite Book of 201735098761

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. Who is surprised? This book is a masterpiece. You can read my review for it here but if you want to skip that then let me just tell you that this book made me cry constantly. I did. Not. Stop. A book about Black women prospering? Yes plz. Thanks. I love it.



And that, dear friends, is that. I shall see you next week with my 2018 TBR.



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