Camp NaNoWriMo Day 2!

Day TwoIt is 12:46pm on Day 2 of Camp and i am sitting at 3900 words even. Just above the 3,333 goal. My plan is to average 2,000 words a day so i really only need 100 more words to get there but I need a break.

My biggest struggle now is description. where is the line between info dumping and including details at a reasonable pace? My characters are not human. Their planet is not Earth. Their society is complex and their culture is old. How do I get these details across without it feeling gross?

For my favorite and least favorite today i am going to only include lines that are physical descriptors.

Least Favorite: “The blue of her skin was caused by the life saving Sencha.”

Favorite: “The little old woman stood shorter than Mysz by a head, she was bald as most elders were and her sand colored skin was spotted with greying areas that had once been bright with Sencha.”

Happy Writing!



EDIT: It’s 1:11pm and I am at 4,043 words. I’m done for today! Now to read 🙂