Writing Prompt Challenge Week 3

A couple of friends and I have been doing weekly challenges to write based off of a random prompt pulled from a cup. So far I am having a ton of fun with this. I am writing so much lately and it’s bleeding into other projects like my novel, or some short stores I have been wanting to work on.

This weeks post is late. I did not have internet for an amount of time and was unable to post so this prompt was for the week of Jan. 29th-Feb. 4th. Since I have chosen, for reasons, not to participate in the prompt for Feb. 5th-11th I’m posting this prompt now. It’s well over 3,500 words again.

Week 3: Outside the cabin the wind howled, while inside the old womans fire was almost out.

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Writing Prompt Challenge Week 1

As part of my 2017 Bookish goals I have challenged myself and two of my good friends to write a piece, preferably a full short story but anything will do, based off of a writing prompt I pull from a cup. The prompts are a random mix of things I found online or on random prompt generators. We started last week so there will be 50 total; the rules are there are no rules. Just write words. We do not have to share but I want to, so here we are.

Week 1: Mermaids are the women thrown overboard by sailors afraid of having women on a ship. They lure sailors to their deaths as revenge.

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Finishing My Novel

Don’t let the title fool you; I am not finished my novel.

I am, however, finished with the rough draft of my novel. 😊 It is the roughest of drafts, most of it having been written during this past National Novel Writing Month (wanna read about my time in that level of hell?) and the rest eeked out over the dreaded holiday season. I just finished on January 16th. Okay, technically seven minute into the 17th but sue me.

I’ve mentioned before that this story has been living in me for years, so now that it’s out, even unpolished and terrible, I feel a little loss. Now what? The characters are written, the story is told, well shit.

My plan is to let it sit for a few weeks so I can forget about it that way when I come back through with my red pen I will feel less protective of the words in the page. Kill your darlings and all that. Once I run through and rewrite most of it to, well, to make sense (yay NaNoWriMo cut corners and retconning!) then I’m going to hand it over to some friends so they can tell me what a shit writer I am, and then I’ll rewrite it again, rinse, repeat until I’m either happy with it or so full of despair I give up. Either works.

In the meantime my friends and I have begun a weekly shirt story challenge. Each week I draw a random prompt from a jar and we all write a story based on it. The prompts are either randomly generated online or ideas I found around the internet as writing exercises and such, nothing special. I believe I will share my creations here so be in the look out for rough short stories!

What are your writing goals this year?